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DYC Inverter Low Temperature Pool Heater


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            DYC Series low temperature Commercial Pool Heat Pumps can ensure constant and reliable pool water temperature for cooling/heating on every commercial occasions at -25oC.                               




Where to Use

Sunrain DYC Series Pool Heat Pumps are widely used in the pool heater in hotels, schools, aqua parks, gyms, etc. all over the world. It can special satisfied the low temperature area even -25oC.

Connection with the Pool


Sunrain DYC series Features

Centralized Control

Sunrain DYC Series Pool Heat Pump come equipped with centralized control that make temperature adjustment and failure review easier. By incorporating the master-slave control into the design, the whole units can work together with higher efficiency without interfered by any failure of the salve unit during operation.

Inverter technology

Inverter technology makes swimming pool heat pump reach an extremely high COP. Compared with normal heat pump in the market, inverter heat pump is of higher COP. Besides, the heating time is much shorter. It greatly saves energy and enables you to enjoy swimming without waiting for a long time.

Patent Defrosting technology

Sunrain DYC series use our patent defrosting technology, it can make sure the heat pump work well at -25oC temperature with a high COP.

High Efficiency

With COP of 5.8 at working condition of 24oC/19oC(DB/WB), the Sunrain DYC Series  has high efficiency for either pool cooling or heating.

Dual Coil Titanium Heat Exchanger

Compared with normal single coil heat exchangers, Sunrain DYC Series dual coil titanium heat exchanger enlarges the heat exchanging surface that increases efficiency by providing an sufficient action area.

Copeland Compressor

Compressor with precise energy stage setting ensures that the working unit to achieve the desired energy saving effect.

Variable Speed Fan

The working units can adjust the fan speed at any time to reduce the input power, meanwhile, reduce noise to achieve energy saving and silent running.

Electric Expansion Valve

The units automatically adjust the refrigerant flow rate, ensuring that the units operate with high efficiency in all weather conditions.

Fin Heat Exchanger

Highly customizable, at least three kinds of fin heat exchangers can be opted, including the golden fin heat exchanger, blue fin heat exchanger, hydrophilic fin heat exchanger