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Source:SUNRAIN news     Published:2018-02-18   

On the 2nd to 3rd of Feb ,2018, the annual meeting named“ALL IN SOLAR,FIGHTING 2018” of the 2018 excellent agents of Sunrain Group was held in lianyungang headquarters.

From 31 provinces and municipalities in China, more than 2,000 Sunrain distributors, sales representatives, joined together to witness the birth of the new era of solar energy utilization!


Xu xinjian, chairman of Solar East Group, made an important speech, with theme of new time, new structure ,new strategy and new ability, and made a profound interpretation of the "one horizontal and one vertical strategic planning".


"A horizontal" is based on the diversification of consumption upgrade and channel demand, and the core business of solar energy, air energy and clean water, and constantly strengthening the leading edge;

"One vertical" is the core competitive solar energy technology around the enterprise, which is extended by new energy water heating to new energy space heating and building energy conservation, meanwhile vigorously developing solar power plants.


Sunrain President, secretary of the party committee Mr. Wan Xuchang also said that in 2018, Sunrain will revolve around "change, speed" to do a good job of service, realize the integration of resources, work together, improve service speed and the market reaction speed, fully implement the strategy action.

Sunrain President Mr.Chen Ronghua makes speech with topic "return to the future", from the source, the gene, the war three aspects to carry on the work deployment.


Source -- the first principle

"Everything needs to start from the source, from the beginning, from the basic unit."In most people's cognition, Sunrain equals solar energy, Sunrain is also a basic phenomenon of sunshine, air and water together, and the sun is the source of the warm nature of Sunrain.

Therefore, Sunrain is the inherent solar energy brand, with sunshine spirit and public interest, solar energy business is also the hope and foundation of Sunrain.

Gene - strategic positioning.

The Sunrain through the source of the brand -- the first principle dug out the "sun, solar energy, solar energy all" brand gene, and then derived the "solar energy all" development strategy. This is the concrete landing and extension of the one horizontal and one vertical strategy. It is also the active expansion of solar energy industry in the context of the increasingly prominent environmental problems and the iterative upgrading of national consumer demand.

War - core play.

Success = core play x repeat action

And the core of the game is to create new team - casting the tough guy, to build new hull - fighting hard village, to capture new waters-fighting hard, to build the fate of the community between companies and distributors/ agents, fighting 2018.

Zhou bin, director of the operation and management center of the Sunrain Group, summed up the 2017 Sunrain as a “Transformation". “The process of metamorphosing is painful," Buffett said. “but every transformation has a long and lasting surprise." The metamorphosis of the Sunrain is shining with The Times.   


Whether product research and development of intelligence building, online channel developing, various business marketing model of innovation, exploration, or internationalization strategy, professional team, the Internet service platform building, all need us to walk with the era, improve our thinking transformation ability, product innovation and quality guarantee ability, perfect metamorphosis, a brand new start.


Power supply, heating, heating water – All in Solar is both the new strategy and mission of the solar rain, and also the call of the solar rain to the industry, to the future and to the good life.

As a strategic partner of China's environmental protection business, the solar rain has adhered to the concept of "green hills and green mountains", and is committed to promoting green production mode and lifestyle through green and clean energy.In 2018, Sunrain will return to the "all in solar" strategy, and start the new era of solar energy utilization