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Chairman Xu Jianxin, Meeting with the India Consul General in Shanghai

Source:Sunrain     Published:2017-05-09         

On April 13th, , Consul General of India in Shanghai Mr. Prakash and Mr. Yuan Weixing in charge of the Foreign Affairs Office of Lianyungang municipal government visited Sunrain Group.


(Consul general Mr. Prakash visits sun rain group exhibition hall) 

  Accompanied by Vice President sunrain Jiao Qingtai and sunrain Group Chairman Xu Xinjian, consul general Gu Guangming visited the sunrain group workshop and exhibition hall, close to the production process and manufacturing processes to understand the solar water heater, air and water purifier, and give a high praise.

  Chairman, Xu Xinjian introduced the sunrain group's operating status and international strategy. Chairman Xu Xinjian said that the overseas market is a major strategic choice sunrain group, is also the enterprise achievement of international brand China the only way which must be passed at the same time, India is one of the most important countries along our country "One Belt and One Road" strategy.

  Consul General of the praised Sunrain efforts and success. He said he was impressed by the sun's solar energy, air energy products, water purifier products and innovative technologies. India is one of the most attractive countries in the world, with a population of 1 billion 250 million, rich labor resources, but also the world's major solar installation in one of the sales, market prospects, welcome the sunrain group do have the strength to play Chinese enterprises to invest in India; the government of India will provide first-class investment environment so that Sunrain group enterprises, support China brand bigger and stronger.


 (Chairman Mr Xu Xinjian have a cordial talk with Consul general Mr. Prakash)


(Chairman Mr Xu Xinjian and Consul general Mr. Prakash exchange presents)

  Since 2004 officially entered the market in India, the sunrain has established a perfect sales channel network in India, the market share of top, especially in the solar hot water system in high temperature industry, by New Delhi, Calcutta and other core city consumer recognition. Insiders said that India, as the largest solar energy market in Southeast Asia, to seize the rain in India will help to enhance the brand influence in Southeast Asian countries, accelerate the pace of internationalization.