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 2016 Mid-Year Summit

Source:SUNRAIN news     Published:2016-08-18    


On 10th, July, The Managers 2016 Mid-Year Summit of Sunrain was held in Lianyungang city Jiangsu province, more than 1200 excellent marketing managers gathered in Sunrain head office and advance on the triumph for next half year.


Sunrain 2016 Mid-Year Summit

In Summit, Sunrain CEO Mr. Chen Ronghua made a subject sharing named The Law of Us, and made guidance for the next half year strategy of Sunrain.


Cooperation Mechanism Innovate Driver

Since 2010, According to the natural attributes of Brand Solar, Air and Water, Sunrain started to extend from one kind of product to related products field, formed a limited diversified development strategy, and came up with Solar (Solar Thermal Energy), Air (Air Energy & Air Purification) and Water ( Water Purification) these three major business landscape creatively.
Under the absolute advantage of solar thermal products,
Sunrain established the biggest air source heat pump production base which has independent research and development ability in Asia one after another, and also established the water purification production base which has the biggest single-scale and the most complete industry chain in the water purification field of China. The Sunlight, Air and Water business will become the “three carriages” of innovation of Sunrain.


Expand Professional Training in the three business fields of Solar, Air and Water  

But an enterprise is not only the combination of business units, to realize the industrial expansion also needs the collaborative capacity of each business unit. Only collaboration can be efficient; only collaboration, can innovate; only collaboration, can be win-win.
To coordinate and integrate resources through the collaboration capacity to achieve the accumulation and update of organization resources, build the internal value network, combine with the advantages of each business unit to find a new path, carve out our special and different business path which is difficult or impossible for others. Finally, form the unique core market competitiveness of


Special top awards: Collaborative Award

The Law of the Jungle in the movie The Jungle Book that has a deep significance.

NOW this is the law of the jungle, as old and as true as the sky;
And the wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the wolf that shall break it must die;
As the creeper that girdles the tree trunk, the law runneth forward and back;
For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.

This is the law approved deeply by Mowgli and wolves group together, the wolves wisdom lies in knowing the greatest power based on solidarity of whole team.We encourage individual efforts to realize the self-worth of publicity and then huge breakthrough, but excessive self-consciousness tends to weaken seriously the effectiveness of team, and the loss of healthy team atmosphere dues to the loss of law. The spot spotaneous eleven times "solidarity" by the Sunrain staff are loud and neat which wake up the return of us.
As the explorer and leader of sunlight, air and water, we comply with the law strictly, we have also developed the law, as the existence of team form, we are the community life of business. The team,just like the wolves,must follow and keep our team registration law.


“In order to overcome the convention, need more strict order”. Therefore, CEO Mr. Chen came up with the management system that is “Manage people by evaluation, and work by attendance, manage matters through results, efforts by  task list, ”, carry out the team laws by technology, management and cost these three factors.

In the current market conditions, there is no shortcuts to breakout, There is no so much immediate new patterns also. We should work dependably around three cores “Build channels, Do marketing activity/Look for project,Do service”, to do the best; “ Focus on Collaboration, Be trustworthy, Do practical things”.Following our laws which is a most important step for 2016 leaping-over development of Sunrain.


Awards for The Excellence Sunrain People

"Focus on Collaboration, Be trustworthy, Do practical things"!

2016, Return In Triumph!