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----Sunrain 2018 Dasha Bay roundabout fluorescent running shines the island

Source:SUNRAIN news     Published:2018-07-15   

On the evening of  11th July, Sunrain team thousand peoples fluorescent running around the island passionately start from Dasha bay.

Passionate DJ, Dynamic music, refreshing sea breeze combine with the colorful night, Break through the night and bloom in July.

Mr. RongHua Chen (President of Sunrain Group)  made a passionate speech. after listening to it, everyone was eager to try.

We are ready for Running!

11 km, every step reveals strength.

3 hours, every second is full of energy.

This is the speed competition.

This is the challenge to physical fitness.

But also is the tempering of the will.

Strong and Endless Sunrain people are not afraid of challenges.


We are running, We are growing!

Fluorescent running shines the island


23:00, Sunrain 2018 roundabout fluorescent running officially ended! 3 hours sweat and emotion, let us grow again.

After a series of activities, we are all sit in the beach, we are drinking the beers, eating the roasted whole sheep, accompanying with the sea breeze. Watch the  world cup football match.

The world cup match is still going on, the sea breeze is still blowing, and at this moment, our hearts are more closely connected.

Pick me up, we are a team!