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Brand Power 丨 SunRain Group won the ADMEN International Gold Award

Source:SUNRAIN news  Published: 2018-09-8

The Advertisers Summit and the ADMEN International Awards Ceremony hosted by the International Brand Association, the World Media Industry Association and the Advertiser Culture Group were held in Beijing. SunRain Group won the actual gold case award for its "SunRain central radio station 2018 O2O Integrated Marketing".

                                            The award ceremony was grandly opened.


Representatives of the international Brand association attended and delivered a speech.


Sunrain Group won the integrated marketing practical Gold Case Award


The advertisers Summit ended Successfully.

Base on the development of Global media and based on international evaluation indicators, the ADMEN international award are designed to stage and identify outstanding figures and classic case in the development of the advertising industry, and to establish typical cases and benchmarks in the industry, establish a reference for the development of the industry.


Case background and and marketing objective

With the endorsement of Lin Zhiling as the background, Sun Rain has developed a strategic plan to use online resources to convert online traffic into offline sales; to use the CAG and AWE platforms to spread brand image. At the same time, the super-indicator completed the investment promotion plan and opened a new mode of marketing of innovative energy appliances.


In advertising marketing, SunRain Group has continuously innovated in practice, and has unique insights in terminal media resources, public relations activities, sales channels, etc., actively exploring new possibilities and putting them into practice.