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Thousands of solar bathrooms provided by Sunrain

Source:SUNRAIN news     Published:2017-10-12   

On 17th of May, A donation  ceremony for the disabled public welfare project was hold in Nanjing, which is managed and operated by Jiangsu Disabled Welfare Foundatin.

Since then, Sunshine Bathroom Programme, which is donated and organized by Sunrain Group has been officially provided for 11 cities of Jiangsu.

Sunshine Bathroom Programme, one of the Sunrain Group Top 3 public welfare programmes,is making every effort to provide hot water solution for daily life of socially disadvantaged group as well as public welfare institutions, which is based upon the advanced solar-heating technique and related products.

Up to now, Sunrain Group has provided solar energy hot water systems for approximately 1,000 schools and rest homes, from thirty-one provinces ,cities and municipalities all over the  country,

Before this activity, Sunrain Bathroom Programme has organized many similar public welfare activities with the support of CCTV, Hanhong Love Foundation as well as other famous institutes.

And this time, Sunshine Bathroom Programme, which is strongly supported by Jiangsu Disabled Welfare Foundaton, has become another typical sample for public welfare, having developed Jiangsu disabled welfare cause.

The leaders of Jiangsu Disabled Association Gao Xiaoping, Mou mingsheng, Zhang jianping, Tao liangzhu, Guo dongming, as well as related leaders from cities in Jiangsu have attended this donation ceremony.


Mrs Zhang jian ping ,The vice president of Jiangsu Province Disabled Public Welfare Fund is awarding the Certificate of Honor to Mr Chen Ronghua , the President of Sunrain Group.

Chen said “ Public welfare is the gene of Sunrain Group. And we are always there to take our responsibility to insist public welfare since the company setting up.

This public welfare cooperation was decided in the middle of April. And till the end of May, 1712 sets of solar energy hot water facilities will have been installed  to make sure that hot water can be provided for the users as soon as possible.

  When asked that how can 1712 sets of solar water heater be installed within only one month, considering the plan covers the huge areas of 11 cities in Jiangsu, crossing 107.2 thousand square km,Chen gives the answer, “Sunrain owns a complete sales and service network ,which covers 31 provinces, cities and municipalities in China, and Sunrain has over 3,000 first-class commercial agencies and over 30,000 second-class agencies, which also constitute the local sites of public welfare service . With their full cooperation and support ,we can make sure that the programme can be completed effectively.”

Besides the programme of Solar Bathroom, Sunrain Group also operates another two welfare programmes named Mum’s Pure Water and Warm House, which also win wide praise from the public.

As one of the largest welfare assistance plans in water-puring industry, Mum’s Clean Water welfare programme has firstly focused on the group of mothers team, which have devoted all of themselves to their families but always been neglected.

As the water pollution becomes worse and worse, the safety of household drinking water has become one of the biggest problems and threats.

Sunrain Group always stands there to defend and protect the health and safety of Chinese children by donating water-purification facilities.

At moment, Sunrain Group has donated solar energy

Water-purification facilities to more than 20 provinces and cities including Tibet, Inner Mongolia,   Hunan, Shandong, which has been highly praised by the public.

Sunrain Group has also been invited by Zhiling Clarity Foundation to enter the remote mountainous regions like Da-liang mountains in Sichuan and Jiu-tiao Furrow in Yunnan in order to solve the children’s difficulties of daily water drinking.

Meanwhile, Warm House walfare programme ,which mainly applies the air energy heating technique and products, has donated air energy heating facilities to the schools,welfare houses and gerocomiums in remote areas and alpine regions for the first time in China.

Air energy heating is a type of new energy heating, which takes use of the air energy to arise the heat.

Compared to electrical heating, air energy heating can save about 75 percent energy, which can meet the heating demand in poor areas more properly and economically.

Since setting up the first nation-class welfare and clarity foundation in new energy industry in 2009, Sunrain Group has devoted themselves to provide the new energy heating ,warming and water-puring facilities to the areas with poor energy and backward basic living facilities in order to achieve the sharing of ecological and healthy lives.

And everything just begins.